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Like birds of a feather, Dovetail Design was founded by Tonia Swanson and Ampy McIntyre to form a unique marketing solution for small businesses to connect with their clients. Simple, yet polished, Tonia and Ampy bring the light and shade to all your marketing needs.




design and marketing team

  • Darin Brudigan Sr. Graphic Designer

    Darin is a Senior Graphic Designer with over seven years of experience in print, web, and video production. A creative leader, skilled in concept, layout, and brand development, Darin is an expert with Adobe Creative Cloud, including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, and AfterEffects. 

    A huge addition to Dovetail’s quality talent, Darin works closely with Tonia in bringing our client’s content to life through proposals, presentations, print publications, and web animations.

  • Leonel Cano Leon Jr. Graphic Designer | Intern

    A recent addition to the Dovetail team, Leo is a first-generation college student and currently studying Graphic Information Techongly at Arizona State University. He graduates in May and demonstrates he can multitask multiple deadlines while attending school for his undergrad.

    Leo works directly with Tonia and Darin in assisting with Dovetail’s projects. He has experience with designing websites, proficient in Adobe platforms, and digital artworks.

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